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Toodles Covid-19 pounds

I signed up because I am ready to feel good about myself again. And heard great things about Becca and her program. I encourage you to sign up too. I can't wait. 

DIna Mande

World-class Boudoir Photographer

I'm Soaring Again

After a bad accident, I could barely walk. Being a marathon runner was my passion. After training with Becca I regained my footing in both running and my inner confidence. You'll love Becca's compassion and knowledge. Oh, and no more muffin top!

Gina Katz

Professional Shopper

I am in LOVE!

You know your fully committed to POWHER BANDS  when your walking thru your supermarket and the music over head makes you automatically do: "step to the right, slide, step to the left slide; back 2-3-4; up 2-3-4." Lol. Yep this really happened. Thank you — I Love Friday Cardio Dance Party!

Paige Armstrong

relationship alchemist

8 Week powHERbands RESET 


FREE SET powHERbands™ (Value $60- 1st set to get started) 




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Hey Girlfriend! Iam Becca Tebon, creator of the POWHERBANDS™ TRAINING SYSTEM™ and 37 year elite Certified Personal Trainer (YUP—started in 1983). I have also healed my 3 congenital health challenges (Chronic Asthmatic Bronchitis, Chronic Pain due to degenerative disk disease found at age 7 and undiagnosed digestive problems that left me constipated for the first 19 years of my life.  In 2012, I obtained my CHHC, Certified Holistic Health Coach, and have developed many programs to help others with similar challenges as myself. 

In 2013 I started using the 17 minute system and in 2017 I started my search for the perfect resistance bands to be incorporated, providing people everywhere an easy way to build, tone tighten their body while reducing harmful fat that contributes to the chronic obesity epidemic prevalent across the USA and many parts of the world. 

I created this 8 WEEK RESET™ women like you who are 40+, have taken care of their family &/or working all their lives and have ignored their health, body and inner self. You know it's your time to shine and show up for yourself! I, along with the rest of our POWHER TRIBE are here to love on you and celebrate your success as you release weight (and baggage), eradicate top health challenges (Food relationship, diabetes, heart issues) and get stronger with your mind-body connection. 

YOU CAN EXPECT PURE MAGIC by committing to yourself for only 17 Minutes for 40 days! 

I believe in you, and will help you build back your confidence and support your success.




Sandra's Story

Meet Sandra: She went from barely able to get up or down on the floor, and was on meds for horrific pain, her cholesterol was at staggering numbers, diabetic and she was not proud of herself and how she was turning into an old lady. 

Sandra released 40 pounds, her docs removed all of her meds, and she no longer has joint pain! Sandra lost 20” and her blood sugar dropped 40 points. Healthy, fit and happy!!

Within 3 weeks she was feeling stronger, belly bloat started disappearing and she was down 8 pounds! As we continued to work together, Sandra's crepey skin disappeared and her skin now shines. Sandra is planning to go hiking in the mountains with her son.

"Attentive to my injury" 

"Becca was very attentive to my injury and motivated me to get up and stay in the game. You can tell she's been training clients for a long time and has a lot of experience under her belt. She'll help set and meet your goals."

Brandi Abrams

Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch

I'm Losing Inches Everywhere!

I am so grateful to Becca Tebon! I've learned a lot about myself and new healthy habits! It's showing in my clothes and people are commenting! This program is perfect to kick start my productive day. I love that it's only 17 minutes — and Becca hits the total body with the PowHERbands™. You owe it to yourself to get started.

Nancy Matthews, International Speaker

Co-founder, Women's Prosperity Network, Author of "The One Philosophy"

I feel like a new person

Becca, in 2 days you did what doctors could not do in 10 years! I feel like a new person!! I am amazed and I BELIEVE!

Harriet Jodi Levin


Big Shout Out to the 8 Week Reset Tribe!

You rock my world. When I want to throw in the towel & say NO MORE - I think of each of you and tell myself to keep going. I feel stronger, healthier & more energized since working with the PowHERbands™.

Regena Rosa-Celeste Ozeryansky

Yogi & Peacemaker

I'm focused on my health

While the pandemic continues to spread, I am focused on my health and maintaining a healthy immune system. Thank you PowHER sisters for being there and showing up. I love that we get to do this together with all the great leaders and healers!

Debbie Castagna

Respiratory Therapist

It is working ladies!

In June I joined the 8 Week Reset program. As of today I'm down 14 pounds, and 1.5" in my waist. I'm feeling the muscles get stronger and more defined with every workout. At this rate I'll wear size 12 soon. Yippee!

Denise Peak


Personal Training is the most effective way to achieve your fitness goals.

With gyms closed, plans and schedules out the window and the financial struggles so many have faced with this pandemic, it can be difficult and cost prohibitive to get the personal training that is proven to provide the results you want.

GOOD NEWS ... Personal Training with Becca is now easily accessible and super affordable! (Just $3 per week - that's less than a cup of Starbucks coffee!)

Here's How It Works 

Food Prep & Nutrition Made Easy

You'll get my "Yummy Recipe eBook" plus shopping list and meal planner so you can make fast and delicious meals. PLUS, tons tons of recipes we all share. How about a LIVE COOKING CLASS?

Virtual fitness

Weekday powHER BAND Training with Becca on Zoom! Set aside just 20 minutes (either at 7:30am, 12:00pm or 7:30pm (Eastern). 17 Minute Workout + "My Daily Sticky Note Inspiration" + Stretching for optimal results (inside and out!)

Better Together

Group sessions provide for additional inspiration, accountability and FUN! And the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP is engaged with siSTARhood and lots of tips!!

Adjustment for Every Fitness Level

Becca provides simple adjustments and modifications of each activity so that you can achieve success at any level, even from a chair!

$500 in Swag & Top Prizes

Friendly competition to inspire you to achieve even more! You'll have the opportunity to post pics on social media, share your success and earn great prizes. (Not available during Summer Sexy)

Transform from the Inside Out Too!

During this 8 week program I'll be bringing you trusted experts providing practical tools and strategies to ensure your body, mind and spirit are in total alignment for the new and improved you! (This is the secret sauce that creates LASTING results!)

PowHER Bands Included!

Your powHERBands will be shipped to you in time for our first workout on May 2nd. (please allow 5-7 days for USPS)

Free Shipping in USA!

17 Minute Daily Workouts

Monday through Friday at 7:30am, 11:30pm or 6:00pm ET, 17 Minute Workout, "My Daily Sticky Note Inspiration" & Stretching

Food Freedom©

Easy recipes and Becca's favorite cheats to make healthy, fast and delicious foods

Prizes Come In Lots of Ways for You!
Get the Prize of a Fit, Trim & Sexy Body and  Swag & Top Prizes!

During the 8 week transformation journey you'll be given points for a variety of fun and inspiring things like: showing up for class, posting pics on social media, sharing fun recipes, supporting your siSTARS in our private facebook group and lots more. Stay tuned for details!

Join Becca's 8 Week PowHER Reset & Transform Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Still wondering if Becca's 17 Minute Program can really change your body?
Wondering if she can really help you?

Check out this sampling of rave reviews and praise for Becca

"I LOVE HER! I've had several personal trainers over 15 years and Becca is awesome. I will never go back to the gym! Naysayers need to try powHER Bands. They work." ~ Susan

"All I can say is WOW. Becca is an amazing instructor. I lost my belly bloat and got rock hard abs." ~ Rene

"I am enrolled in her PowHER Tribe membership and I am down 4 sizes in 6 months and feeling sexy again! Becca taught me to love myself again." ~ Lana

"I've never done any workout like this! So efficient and super effective.  I love powHER Bands and Becca!!"~ Reneé Stern

"Thank you Power Girls & the #17minworkout! !!!! Loving our time together and how powerful we are together." ~ Regena Rosa-Celeste

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